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  • Malaga 2013

    So I just spent 7 days in Malaga with a great friend riding bikes. 
    No parties, no bars, no girls, just bikes.

    Rubens new ‘rock’ skatepark in Malaga is amazing and I recommend it to anyone even thinking about going. Endless lines, days of fun without even taking off! 

    We were told about two other parks which just happend to be on the same train line, an easy 20-30 min journey out of Malaga central station! 
    Fuengirola and Benalmadena, both were a treat. 
    Benalmadena has THE best quater pipe I have ever ridden. 7ft tall with a perfect transition. 
    The run up is a dream with a small bank coming in setting you up perfectly. 
    The rest of the park consists of a bowl with lines in and out to the small street section. 
    Sitting 500m fro the sea and a 5 min bike ride from the train station its in the most incredible position. 

    Fuengirola is around 10 mins from the station but again another great park. Overlooked by a bar (€3.50 for 5 beers!) its great already.
    Bowls galore at this place! Ranging from 4/5ft up to 8 in some deep parts. Good mix of bowls and street to keep everyone happy and its flood lit until 3am!

    In brief, Malaga rules, We went out of season (british holiday season that is) so our apartment was super cheap to yet it was still 29 degrees, WIN WIN. 
    Photos to follow…

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